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September 23rd, 2016

A Realization

I can't think of an election in my lifetime in which the sausage analogy of politics is more apt.

As the Internet has proliferated, unfiltered views of our social institutions have become more prevelant. In the parlance of the analogy, never have we been more aware of the sausage being made. This has led to people who were previously unaware of the distastefulness of the making of the sausage to become quite disgusted with the process.

One major party chose between two expert sausage makers. One who promised that the sausage would be of higher quality, more plentiful, cost less for those who need it most. The other is one of the best sausage makers we've seen in our lifetimes. She promised many of the things he opponent did, and even more so once she was named her party's candidate for sausage maker in chief.

The other party chose between mediocre sausage makers, an expert sausage maker and several people who had never made sausage in their lives. That party decided the sausage making was so distasteful the only way to make it in any way acceptable is to select someone who not only had never made sausage, but holds the very concept of making sausage in utter contempt. This should suprise no one, considering the stance of this party for more than the last three and a half decades has been that the making of the sausage is the problem.

However, sausage is how things are run. Suasage protects us from our enemies. Sausage gets us from one end of our country to the other. Sausage ensures that our society functions.

So one party said to a nation sick of watching sausage be made, "Please, accept our sausage maker. She will make the best sausage we can possibly have. It won't be pretty. It won't be pleasant. It will be effective, and it will make the lives of the vast majority of Americans better."

The other party said, "Let's try letting someone who has no idea what he's doing make the sausage. What's the worst that can happen?"

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